Character Count Tool

Character Count Tool

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Character Count & Word Count Tool

It’s very common that certain websites online will limit how many characters and words you are allowed to use in different sections. For example, Twitter used to limit you to 160 characters. When filling out bios on different websites, they will typically put a max character count.

What Is The Character Count Tool?

The character count tool is a free online character and word counting tool. All results are show immediately under the sentences you have typed above.

How Can The Chacter & Word Count Tool Used?

You can either type and enter your words and sentences directly into the tool above or you can copy and paste your text with the characters to count in the text area above.

What Devices Does The Character Count Tool Work On?

The character count tool works on any and all devices. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a mobile phone, computer, or tablet. The counter will work on all devices.